Pet Intelligent Automatic Feeder

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Product information:

Material: plastic
Type: Feeder
Product: complete set of automatic feeding utensils

Function introduction:
1. With desiccant box
2. SUS304 stainless steel food plate, removable
3.6 Key operation, simple and convenient
4. Dual power supply, priority adapter power supply
5. Voice playback, 10 second recording 6. Four meals can be fed every day, with a maximum of 12 portions each, about 8g each
7. Parameter memory
8. Suitable for grain size of 5 mm - 1 2 mm
9. Large torque reduction box to eliminate grain jam
10. Physical design to protect the motor safely.

Packing list:

Feeder * 1
USB cable * 1
Instructions * 1
Desiccant * 1
Stainless steel food tray * 1 adapter * 1 (optional      

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Best Brush for Pets Ever!!

This is the best brush for pets especially long hair cats! I've tried all different kinds of brushes but this is the best! My cat hates to be brushed but stayed while I used this brush on her! And it is so easy to clean! Just push the button and all the hair is released! I'm so glad I found this brush!! Thank you!

Foto da pessoa que fez o depoimento
Paula Resley

Dallas, TX

My neighbor told me about this brush, and she was totally correct. Easy to use, the cat loves it. Jus push the button and the hair comes right off the brush. You won't be disappointed.

Foto da pessoa que fez o depoimento
Michael Johnson

San Diego, Ca

This has to be the best purchase, overall, that I've ever made. Cat hair comes off the brush with just a push of a button. This product functions exactly as advertised. Every cat owner needs this brush! Love it.

Foto da pessoa que fez o depoimento
Rebecca Craig

Nashville, TN

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